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Andrew La Grange.

Teacher @GetSmarter and Managing Director & Co-Founder of Full Stack

Jarrod was one of the most talented students I’ve worked with in my years teaching and training UX skills. He’s got an excellent eye for the visual, combined with a strong understanding of the theory and practice of UX. I expect to be enjoying Jarrod’s great work on some of the biggest, best and most used digital products in South Africa (and the world) for many years to come. I’d recommend him to any UX team.

Niel Berrow.

Senior Software Developer Team Lead @ & Director at Solar Advice PTY LTD

Jarrod is a great team player, he thinks through things practically taking into account the scope and complexity of the project. His attention to detail and scenarios are always perfect, developing off of these has always made my job easier. Solid problem-solving skills with a clear passion for mobile apps.

Tamsyn Danielle.

Lead Product Designer @ GoDaddy

Jarrod has an excellent ability to understand product requirements and to design user experiences that are intuitive and uncomplicated. I enjoyed working with Jarrod, he has excellent interpersonal capabilities and works well with others, often giving helpful advice and guidance. He suggested new innovative approaches to projects and wasn’t afraid to state his opinions convincingly and with logic while still being open and flexible to the opinions of others.

Calvin Pedzai.

Senior UX Designer @ (Previous)

Jarrod is easily one of the best UX team leads I have worked with. Great attention to detail, decisive, teachable and always seeking to constantly improve the team around him. He is outgoing and has a great personality. He is someone I would recommend for any UX role in any organization.

Ben Brouckaert.

Lead Product Designer @ Revolut

Jarrod is a forward-thinking, tenacious UX expert. A team player who is open to any idea and great to work with. Always wants what is best for the user.

Georges Qiao.

UX Designer @

Jarrod is an inspiring mentor who always thinks outside the box. As a team leader, he has guided me over various projects at Takealot. He sees a lot of potential in people in places where most people won’t. I am proud to call him my mentor and my friend.

Nqobile Vundla.

User Experience and Interface Designer @ Sand Dollar design

Jarrod is probably by far the best Senior Designer I have ever worked with. Open minded and always willing to try new things. When we first met, I was a timid and shy designer, but over the months that we worked together, he really taught me a lot about speaking up and being able to explain my designs and thinking. Over the years, not only have we enjoyed sharing design ideas but a good friendship too!

Nicol Kosky.

UX Designer @ Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Jarrod is both an encouraging mentor as well as a dedicated and skilled UX designer. I would gladly recommend him for either management or technical roles and can guarantee he will add value to any organisation he works with.

André Gomes.

iOS Tech Lead @ Mr D Food

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Jarrod. Jarrod’s creativity, attention to detail and desire to meet customer expectations, makes him the ideal designer for any organisation.

Altus Carstens.

Senior Software Engineer

Jarrod is a very dedicated, very thorough UX designer and much more. You can count on him to take the lead and responsibly.

Lennie De Villiers.

Full Stack Mobile Developer

We worked together on multiple projects and Jarrod always delivered quality work. Sometimes Developers and Designers have miss communications about design but with Jarrod, there was never a problem.

Rodwan Barbier.

Mobile Developer

I have worked with Jarrod in the Mobile Development space. It is always a pleasure working with him. Jarrod is a skilled designer and always thinks outside of the box. He provides great guidance and direction when designing for mobile platforms. He is a great addition to any team and will turn any product into an amazing user experience.

Nathan Birkett.

Senior Software Developer @ The Media Crowd

Jarrod is one of the best designers I’ve worked with. His knowledge regarding the latest UI trends is excellent and he knows exactly what is required per mobile platform for development.

Richard Wooding.

Staff Software Engineer @ SPAN Digital Innovation

Jarrod Moore is very talented at prototyping the user experience of apps across a variety of platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows. His designs are modern and functional, keeping up with the latest industry trends.

Juan Koegelenberg.

Test Engineer @ Media24

Jarrod is a fun and creative guy. It was a pleasure working with him at Double-Eye. His attention to detail caught my eye and his knowledge and experience were very helpful. Jarrod fits easily into any team and would be a definite win for any company. Jarrod also expressed enthusiasm for learning and improving in everything he did.

Stefan Hollstein.

Community Relationship Coordinator @ World Vision Australia

Jarrod is a talented designer and has always been a natural leader. Not only is he an amazing designer, but he has ingenious web and mobile skills with an eye for detail. Jarrod is very innovative and always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance his knowledge to exceed his client’s expectations and goals. Jarrod is a fun person to work with and to be around. He is insightful and always helpful. He is most definitely a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies within his field of expertise, which makes him a great asset to any company.