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Hi, I’m Jarrod, a natural creative thinker, innovative and detailed. I have over 15 years under my belt designing different experiences for a wide range of users and contexts. I’m a serious advocate for Human Centred Design (HCD) and Design Lead Thinking, always making sure user needs are understood, communicated and carefully designed for; as well as ensuring business objectives are reached.

Having worked with many companies and clients (start-ups, big corporates, in-house and consulting), from Fintech to eCommerce to SaaS products and more, I thrive on simplifying complex user experiences, turning problems into workable solutions, ultimately creating digital products that are usable, useful, meaningful and delightful for end users. As a result, I have worked as a design lead and mentor within multiple cross functional teams, utilising agile and scrum methodologies, gaining the necessary experience to build solid relationships and deliver exceptional outcomes. I recognise the need for constantly improving workflows, flexible processes and utilising the power of creating design systems that are scalable and beneficial to the entire product and development life cycle.

With my end-to-end experience in designing for multiple native Android & iOS, desktop and mobile responsive web applications, I carry vision for the big picture, all while seeing the details of what’s necessary and possible, thereby also understanding what to execute and how to implement. I can confidently communicate design rationale and provide value to both internal and external team members and stakeholders.

I value people, servant leadership, optimisation, team collaboration, ongoing curiosity, increased confidence, good questions, being open minded, welcoming feedback and remaining teachable at all times. I embrace a challenge, accept change and pursue quality.

Simply put, I am passionate about building purpose by perfecting product for people.

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Andrew La Grange.

Teacher @GetSmarter and Managing Director & Co-Founder of Full Stack

Jarrod was one of the most talented students I’ve worked with in my years teaching and training UX skills. He’s got an excellent eye for the visual, combined with a strong understanding of the theory and practice of UX. I expect to be enjoying Jarrod’s great work on some of the biggest, best and most used digital products in South Africa (and the world) for many years to come. I’d recommend him to any UX team.